What We Do

Your safety is our Business. We offer diverse yet always focused and specialised services.

Anything from a personal bodyguard, to site protection, CCTV installation and monitoring, retail security,

risk assessment, under-cover agents and more.


Your basic and most common entry level Security Service.Speak to us to discuss how we can protect your property, be it a home, Apartment Block, Commercial Park or Retail Outlet


The services we offer are limited only to your needs. Our team of specialist can accommodate most requirements – anything from a CPO (Close Protection Officer), to Luxury Client transport with multi vehicle support


Long or short term personal Security. Our team of highly trained specialist are there for your protection. Each member of the team is a highly trained specialist and available to protect your person and to adapt to your needs.


Sadly, nothing we own is sacred or safe from criminal elements.Entrust your assets to us, we’d be happy to consult and advise.